E.M. Kalifornia

E.M. Kalifornia grew up in the shadow of the so-called Happiest Place on Earth -- in the land of liquor stores, strip malls, "gentleman" clubs, vagabond motels, and the suburban blight and boredom just out of tourist view, in Southern California.

She picked up a 110 camera at the age of 12, went on to take darkroom classes in high school and at local colleges, before attending San Francisco Art Institute on a merit scholarship, where she pursued a BFA in Photography. She dropped out the same year, disillusioned with the art school experience, and did not pick up a camera again for another 8 years.

A trip spent documenting the streets and street art of Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2014, inspired her to begin shooting street and documentary style photography.

She now resides in Los Angeles where she continues to document the unintentional beauty found in the city streets, as well as the undercurrent of contentious political issues that can bring its most marginalized residents together in protest. She is still a believer in the beauty of analog film and uses it in 99% of her work.

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